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After numerous discussions with the officer core and raid leaders, as well as the feedback we received with the OI raid survey it was determined that it would be in the best interest of OI that the raid contract be formally dissolved and Raider rank (DiscipleR) be eliminated. We are replacing the Raider contract with the below 25 man/Flex Raiding Guidelines and Expectations.

We ask any member of OI that wishes to raid to please read the following 25 man/Flex Raiding Guidelines and Expectations and then indicate in a reply on: http://www.oi-guild.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29630-siege-of-orgrimmar-raiding-contract/ which 2 toons and specs you wish to raid with.

The toons and specs must be of different functions (i.e., Tank, Heal, melee DPS, ranged/caster DPS). You may have a maximum of 4 raid specs between your 2 raid toons: 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 melee DPS, and 1 ranged/caster DPS. For example: Acceptable – Fractal (Shaman Resto heals/ Elemental Caster DPS), Gornack – (Paladin Melee Ret DPS/Prot tank) Not acceptable - Fractal (Shaman Enhancement Melee DPS/Shaman Elemental Caster DPS), Gornack – (Paladin Melee Ret DPS/Prot tank)

Please choose your toons & specs carefully, as changes to your raiding toons may be done ONLY ONE time per year. Notes will be kept regarding such changes, along with the date for reference. You may choose to abstain from declaring a second toon until a later date by indicating 2nd toon- abstain

Any questions regarding these guidelines should be made via private forum message to the guild raid officer: Aliasbristow

Keep in mind this is not your only venue for enjoying end-game content in WoW with OI. All members are invited and welcome to organize 10-man or 25-man runs, which would not be subject to the 25 man/Flex Raiding Guidelines and Expectations. All we ask is that you be respectful of OI official 25-man/Flex runs and coordinate with the Raid Officer (RO) if there are potential scheduling conflicts.

By identifying your two raid toons, you are agreeing to comply with these guidelines & expectations.

Now on to the OI 25man/Flex Raiding Guidelines & Expecations... Please read it carefully. Thanks!


1. PUNCTUALITY- Be ready for the raid 15 minutes prior to scheduled raid start time, unless you have made arrangements with the Raid Leader OR Raid officer prior to the raid.

2. BE PREPARED - Be fully repaired. Have level appropriate potions/elixirs/flasks/buff food/buff reagents, ammo for hunters/shards for warlocks, etc. needed for a full night of raiding. Quantities of each may vary drastically, so it’s better to have more than not enough. You must have any resistance gear that the raid leader deems necessary for the run as indicated/stated/requested in their signup thread. You must also read the entire signup thread for any class/character assignments and strategies the raid leader has suggested.

3. GEAR ENHANCEMENTS - Please have most (see below) of your gear enchanted and all gem slots filled for the level of content you are running and the spec you are using.

Please have your gear reforged to maximize your stat weights. You can use http://rawr.codeplex.com/ Rawr, http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear askmrrobbot, or any other management program you like, but please use one.

Here is a list of links to each class and spec. They will outline your spec, talents, and rotations as well as telling you what enchants and gems you need to be functional. http://www.oi-guild.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29630-siege-of-orgrimmar-raiding-contract/

4. REZZING - Druids and Shamans are NOT to use their self/combat rezzes unless instructed to do so by the Raid Leader. When the RL calls a wipe, find something that will kill you and die in the safest possible "rezz spot".

5. WIPE RECOVERY & AFK ETIQUETTE - Rezzing & rebuffing after a wipe will be done in the quickest manner possible. Please do not take that time for unannounced AFKs; we have a planned break usually 1hr-1.5hrs into the raid. If you “just can’t hold it any longer”, we’ll understand, but please do not make a habit out of it. In the event an afk is required, it is up to the raider to inform the raid leader. Random BRB's in the raid channel tend to get lost and the RL usually has several different situations going on at once so please take the time to make sure they are aware of the AFK. Please note, AFK's during unscheduled time periods slow down the entire raid, there are 24 other raiders present, please be courteous. One minute does not equate to 10. AFK's and DC's of prolonged periods will be replaced, this will be considered at 5 minutes depending on the situation and reason for the AFK. etc. Unannounced AFK's, at the discretion of the raid leader, will be cause for an official warning. At no time is anyone to leave the instance with out the approval of the raid leader.

6. FOCUS - Focus will be on the raid and what the RL is asking everyone in the raid to do. Vent will be utilized for “fun chat” during trash pulls and only RL/RO/MT should be speaking during boss fights. The only exception to this rule will be a healer asking for an Innervate, someone asking if they should self-rezz/combat rezz someone else or if you’ve been asked to call out a debuff or player status change. Some people rely on the verbal queue to “get out of the fire” so it is imperative we keep the communication line clear.

7. PERFORMANCE - Raid leaders have the right to replace "underperformers" for "DPS race" type encounters. You will be expected to perform similarly to others of your class with the same range of gear. Tanks & healers, if at any point the RL feels you are unable to perform at the level we need our tanks & healers to perform, you may be replaced. Warnings will be issued as per the guidelines already specified in the current raiding guidelines.


The recommended minimum ILvl requirement to engage these raid bosses is a

Siege of Orgrimmar - Ilvl requirements

LFR: 496


Normal mode: 10/25 man: 520

http://www.wow-heroes.com/WoW-Heroes will be used to gauge the range of gear/gem/enchants of each player for raid consideration. It is STRONGLY recommended that you log out in your raiding gear. Raiders should be geared appropriately for the content they sign up for, if you do not know if your gear is content appropriate then please see #3 for links and ask your raid leader for specifics.

9. Raiding Toon Designation Agreeing to raiding with OI means you may only have two characters per player designated as raiding toons. Your 2 raiding toons will be given the rank Crusader.

Changing Raiding Toon Designations:

You may swap out one (1) of their two (2) toons for another toon for 25man raids – once per year by sending a PM to our Raid Officer.

If a member chooses to remove one of their current two (2) toons from Oi that they raid 25man content with, they can only raid with the remaining toon and cannot add a replacement second toon for 25man PvE content with Oi for 6 months.

If the Raid Leader identifies that a player is bringing a non-main toon to numerous consecutive raids, the raid leader may request that that toon's designation be moved to MAIN and the current 'Main" be moved to "Alt."

If a member chooses to remove both of their current two (2) toons from Oi that they raid 25man content with, they cannot raid 25man content with any of their Oi guilded toons for 6 months.

Exceptions: Any member who wishes to seek an exception, to any of the above, may submit a written PM via the guild website to the Raid Officer outlining the specifics of their situation, decision, and circumstances. Upon review, the Raid Officer will request an officer core vote to grant (or deny) an exception for a member.

10. COMMUNICATION - Suggested each class/function have their own "OI" channel (i.e., OITANK, OIHEAL, OIDPS). Suggested that all /tells/whispers be answered by the Raid Leader or Assistants over Vent. This saves time wasted typing and maybe reiterates more clear instructions to people who might have missed the initial explanation.

This Contract was revised/updated in September 2013 CLICK HERE: http://www.oi-guild.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29630-siege-of-orgrimmar-raiding-contract/


We pride ourselves in being a community. Please do not roll on gear that is a sideways upgrade for you if it is a major upgrade for someone else that is rolling. We should be generous with each other and not be poor sports about loot that will be there during the next run.

-25 man raids will have a lootmaster assigned. Loot will be handed out by raid leader / loot master.

Eligible is defined as: -The loot is for your main. -The loot is for your alt and is uncontested by mains. -It is appropriate to your class.

Initial Loot Priority:

Main Toon - Main Spec > Main Toon - Off Spec > Alt Toon - Any Spec

- If no main needs the loot: - Uncontested Alt rolls.

Alt roll Loot table priority:

Main spec > Off Spec

-Exceptions to this rule will occur ONLY if the Raid Leader specifically asks a player to bring a toon labeled "ALT.

-Flex raiding Loot is run exactly like the LFR looting system. Meaning the game itself designates loot per toon with the option to bonus roll for a chance at another loot drop from the boss. Raid leasers and loot masters do not apply to flex raids.


This pertains to those who do not uphold the above 25man/Flex raiding guidelines & expectations with honor.


1ST OFFENSE - RL or the Raid Officer (RO) will speak to you. It will noted in GT (General's tent)

2ND OFFENSE - RL or sthe Raid Officer (RO) will again speak with you, noting the second offense to you. You will be replaced in the raid if necessary. This will also be noted in the GT

3RD OFFENSE - 2-week break from raiding to get yourself in order, etc.

FURTHER OFFENSES - Rinse repeat 3rd offense, if necessary.

If in the event, an individual has reached 5 suspensions, a more permanent ban may be sought, if so decided and agreed upon by the RL and RO.

    • Please remember this outcome is the least desired. The RLs and RO will try to assist to correct & resolve issues with the individual first. **

REMOVING OFFENSES - Four raids will remove one negative marker (noted offense), etc.


1ST OFFENSE - RO will discuss the issues with the RL in private.

2ND OFFENSE - RO will again speak with RL concerning the issue(s) and offer assistance and suggestions in a practical manner.

3RD OFFENSE - RO will bring issues before the GT for further assistance.

If a RL incurs multiple offenses, an assistant will be assigned for 4 consecutive raids or until such offenses are no longer an issue. Any RL desiring an assistant can always request one.



OI IS: a diverse community guild with a focus on friends, fun, & a comfortable social gaming environment.[i]All our members have numerous options for guild based fun & entertainment, including 25man PvE content![/i]

OI IS NOT: a hardcore raiding guild, but we’re not careless & sloppy either. *** We raid for “fun & excitement”, balanced with “raiding guidelines & standards”, and seasoned with a dash of “reliability & dependability” to keep all those interested in raiding on the track for successful guild 25man/Flex raids.***

OI IS NOT: a stepping stone for members to gear a toon with the desire to “leave” Oi and join hardcore raiding guilds.*** OI raiding is a team & social environment where each of the 25man members present rely & depend on each other. ***

      • We celebrate together, we wipe together, we progress together, and we face defeat together. When a toon that has been raiding 25man content with Oi is removed from the guild, the community & your fellow guild mates do suffer!

OI IS NOT “Hotel California” (where you can log out anytime, but you can never leave) LOL!; Our Disciple members DO have the freedom to add toons & remove toons from the guild as long as the member follows our flexible & fair guidelines found in the guild wiki: topic http://oi-guild.com/MediaWiki/index.php/Wow_leaving_OI Leaving OI; Our Disciple members DO have the freedom to raid with 2 of their toons with the guild in 25man PvE content; Our Disciple members DO have the freedom to swap out one (1) of their two (2) toons for another toon for 25man raids – once per year by sending a PM to our Raid Officer.


-Core Raiding Mains= 3 invites total just like the general membership. We are not saying reinvited raiders should not be disciplined. 2nd invite= 2 weeks no 25 man. and 10 mans are up to raid leaders discretion. 3rd invite= 1 month no 25 man. 10 man again up to raid leaders discretion. Voted on and approved by the OC on Dec 1st 2011

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