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This article will demonstrate how to create a phantom in Ventrilo to allow you to listen in to other rooms rooms. You may also need to use Key Bindings to speak in another room. Both options require some administrative approval which is covered in the Ventrilo Administration article.

Phantoming is when you "listen" into another room that you are not actually logged into. It is possible to phantom into multiple rooms if your account has the rights and the room allows it. You will hear the room you are in as well as whatever rooms you are phantomed in. Be aware this can be confusing as each room you are phantomed in does not know when the other rooms are chatting.

  • To phantom into another room right click its title and select Miscellaneous -> Add/Remove phantom.


  • Everyone will see your name appear with a "P" before it to denote your status as a phantom.
  • To remove yourself reselt the same menu option.
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